How kids are staying safe in the heat

EAST FALLS (WPVI) -- Temperatures are soaring into the 90s, approaching the triple digits, and it feels like we are roasting outside. But there is a way to beat the heat without being stuck inside all day.

You don't need a thermometer to tell you it is a scorcher out there!

Sydney Agosto of Mount Airy tells us, "It's really hot and you start sweating to death."

But if you ask Liam Walsh of Society Hill, he's quick to remind you that it could be worse, you know.

Liam says, "It's sunny and you don't have to worry about going outside when it's raining and snow when it's really cold."

Agosto and Walsh are campers at Penn Charter School Summer Camps in East Falls. On Thursday we caught them under the beaming sun doing archery. A little heat and humidity won't stop these pros.

Counselor of nearly 30 years Chris Burnett says it's like a second job ensuring the kids are hydrated.

Chris explains, "During games and activities we'll do constant breaks where we make sure that it's not an option - we make sure each and every camper stops and gets something to drink."

Campers are told to drink tons of water, but at Penn Charter and the Katz JCC in Cherry Hill they can also jump in it. Children as young as 2 enjoyed refreshing sprinklers and swim lessons.

Alice Allsopp of Center City says, "I like being inside and swimming and outside and swimming. I just like swimming, inside or out."

Over in Hunting Park young tennis hopefuls from Legacy Youth Tennis and Education hit the court for an intense and sweaty game where water breaks were frequent.

All that heat was enough to leave little Jamal Bogle thinking maybe snow isn't so bad after all!

We asked Jamal if he wants it to stay hot, to which he said, "No, not really. I like snow."

The good news is you're never too old to hit the pool or jump around in a water fountain to keep cool.
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