Lehigh Valley preps for first taste of winter

ALLENTOWN, Pa. (WPVI) -- Residents braced for their first taste of winter Monday night as tumbling temperatures and spotty rain showers, that could easily turn into sleet, blanketed the Lehigh Valley.

"I don't want to have anyone fall in front of my house, and were expecting apparently a lot of ice," said shopper Sarah Santoni.

PennDOT crews are also at the ready.

"We're mostly going to be laying down material, salt on the roadways trying to keep the road from icing up," said PennDOT spokesman Sean Brown.

Meanwhile, Pep Boys in Allentown was slammed with customers trying to winterize their cars.

"People changing their fluids, making sure that their vehicles are safe," said Assistant Manager Andrew Spaeth. "Anything that could cause their car to maybe potentially break down."

A storm that already has residents wishing for last weekend's balmy weather.

"I kind of like the 70 degrees, but, you know, that can't last forever," said Santoni.

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