Residents clean up following Wednesday's deadly storms

It's the sound heard across neighborhoods Thursday: chainsaws buzzing, generators humming and machines grinding down tree branches into wood chips.

"It was a mess. It was a real mess," said John Carty who lives in Villanova.

"I've lived in the same house for 44 years and it was definitely in the top three (storms)," he said.

His neighborhood didn't just have branches down, neighbors lost entire trees. The steady hum of generators shows they also lost power like several intersections in the area.

The traffic lights along Old Gulph Rd in Bryn Mawr were still out late Thursday morning. And some places won't be getting power back, today.

"We just got an update on this. They said Saturday night," said homeowner Jeff Aeating about the intersection of Penn and Aubrey roads, where a snapped power line burned so hot that it turned the concrete sidewalk into glass.

A broken power line may also be to blame for a deadly fire in Wallingford, Delaware County.

Two brothers were inside a home in 600 block of Morris lane when it caught fire. Only one of the men made it out.

"I called 911 it was just running down the street," said neighbor Debbie Decolli.

The storm also proved deadly in Huntington Valley where the head golf pro at Philmont Country Club was killed when a tree fell onto a building.

In Lower Merion Township, a tree went down across Belmont Avenue hitting a car and killing the driver.

Just minutes earlier, on Medford Rd in Wynnewood, a 67-year-old man was killed, when a tree came down on his car as he was sitting in the driveway.

Rikki Silberman knew the storm would bring damage to the trees at Wynnewood Apartments. She says even though management takes good care of the trees, one was bound to fall.

"Well, they're old... and there's just so much water that they can get," said Silberman.

A tree fell across a road in the apartment complex smashing the trunk of one car and damaging two others.

"I'm just glad that it happened to cars and not people," said Silberman.
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