Winter storm brings flooding at the Jersey Shore

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Down the shore it wasn't snow that people had to worry about - it was flooding. (WPVI)

Down the shore it wasn't snow that people had to worry about - it was flooding.

Roads in Ocean City were flooded Tuesday. Many streets were impassable, but that's not a surprise to locals.

We found Bud Arcaini on 13th Street right on the bay checking on some houses to make sure they didn't get water inside.

Arcaini tells us, "New moon, high tide and the way the wind was blowing keeping everything in the bay. Water can't leave the bay with that wind coming out of the north, so this is what you get."

Lauren Perkins says, "This is higher than we get normally because there's a push from the northeast, but it's not uncommon to see this."

Not uncommon, but residents and business people say it's getting old.

Phyllis Casper says, "It's unsettling because you can't leave your house. So that's why I'm out early this morning so I can move my car and go back this afternoon."

"Obviously, there's no place to park and it cuts down on the customers," says Bob Farnsworth, who runs the Tuckahoe bike shop on West Avenue.

Part of Farnsworth's shop was flooded Tuesday. He's been repairing bicycles that got wet in the last storm.

He says, "Basically, saltwater and bikes don't mix very well. It gets into bearings, it gets into the spokes."

The flooding situation was much the same in North Wildwood. The area around Chestnut and Delaware was submerged. Back bay flooding created a watery mess in a town still recovering from the storm that caused serious flooding two weeks ago.

Mark Reimet of Ocean City says, "It seems to be flooding in areas that didn't flood before. I don't know what's going on, whether there's been some sort type of change, but it's definitely deepened the normal areas but more so in areas that typically hadn't flooded."

The good news is, by Tuesday evening much of the flooding had receded and snow is not expected along the coast, so there won't be that added element to deal with.
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