Some looking for relief as temps soar into the 90s

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Summer is here and with it, comes the heat!

"Too hot is when your upper lip starts sweating, that is a little too hot," said DeWayne Mosley of Aston PA.

Friday will mark three days with temps in the 90s and that means a heat wave.

Some may dread the dog days of summer, others love it.

"I am born and raised in Trinidad. I am from the heat already so automatically I draw toward the heat. I love the heat," said Mike Diaz of North Philadelphia.

"I actually like the heat. We cool off by the water. We try to get out early to play outside and then spend time outside at night," said Marita Williams of Audubon, Pennsylvania.

We found plenty of people soaking up the sun but others were trying to cool down, like kids playing in a fountain. We even found baby strollers outfitted with a fan to fight off the summer temperatures.

Fisherman, Ryan Hutt from North Philadelphia, is not thrilled about the news of a heat wave.

He says with temps in the 90s, he had to cut his trip short.

"It's brutal. It's brutal especially in the sun there is no shade where I was fishing at and it was brutal. About an hour and a half out there that is all I could take," Hutt said.

Phillies fans say a little heat is not enough to stop them from showing up to Citizens Bank Park and cheering on the home team.

"We suck it up like champs because that is what we are," Mosley said.

SPF 50 all over and you're right, you suck it up because you are a fan.

If you are not a fan of the summer, fall is 66 days away.
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