Storms disrupted beach-goers in Ocean City

OCEAN CITY, N.J. (WPVI) -- The uninvited guest at the Jersey Shore this weekend was the weather, but people still managed to enjoy the holiday weekend in between the storms.

Storms dominated the Jersey Shore this Saturday both at night here in Atlantic City and this afternoon in Ocean City with thunder and lightning clearing boardwalks and beaches.

Diane Porcaro of Allentown said, "We were on the beach and then we went to our car, grabbed our umbrellas and now we're back."

In Ocean City, the beach patrol ordered everyone out of the water because of lightning and thunder.

Lifeguards returned around 5 p.m., once the skies cleared.

These teenagers from Perkasie changed their plans

"We were planning to end up on the boardwalk but now we might just stay home," said Tess Scaramuzza of Perkasie, Pa.

In Margate, Gina Taddi of Havertown said, "It was coming down sideways. It was so bad. Once the afternoon storms passed people found relief at the dairy bar for soft serve and banana splits.

The kids were eager to get outside again.

Ola Kiszka of New York City said, "No one wants to be cooped up inside, out and about now for sure."

Claudia Wyrzykowski of Newtown added, "It was definitely humid during the day, hard to breathe, now it's cooler, less sticky. Good day of mini golf, short beach day."

The rain offered a bit of relief to the heat.

In between the storms, families took advantage of the reprieve taking a stroll on the boardwalk from Ventnor to Atlantic City.

In Atlantic City the holiday weekend meant time to cookout.

Even with disruptive weather threatening to strike again.

Overall shore goers say the July fourth week was a win.

"Amazing clear skies, beautiful weather," added Joe Vaccaro of West Chester.

Severe storms means rough currents. Beach patrols in several towns are telling swimmers to beware.
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