Taste of Spring! Warm March weather brings people outdoors

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Excitement was in the air on Rittenhouse Square as people got out and about to enjoy the sunshine and mild temperatures on a Thursday afternoon in mid-March.

It was a day to walk the dog, test out a bicycle, or claim a park bench and read the paper. We found some co-workers enjoying a little lunch together outdoors.

"We're having our lunch here, in the park, it's a gorgeous day and nice to be outside. We're with the Trust for Public Land so we're all about getting outside into nature so today was a perfect day for that," said Danielle Denk of West Philadelphia.

Brandon Taylor of Pottstown added, "It's a great day. We're enjoying the time out here with my co-workers and very thankful to see the good weather around the corner."

The Sedgley Woods Disc Golf Course in Fairmount Park was busy this afternoon. Groups toss around frisbees year-round so this was a nice break from a winter of cold weather.

"I love this weather. Who doesn't love this weather? This is the best weather," said Phil Ross of Springfield, Pa.

Gregory Shepherd drove all the way from Weehawken, N.J. to play. "Oh my God, the weather is incredible... This is what we all live for is for moments like this, you know."

By late afternoon, all the kids and babies were out on the playground at Franklin Square.

Farrah Cottman of Germantown showed us the jungle gym she was about to climb. "I am playing with my mommy. I am about to play on that."

Like little Farrah, everyone enjoyed the weather and time together on this warm winter day.

"Oh, it's beautiful. Beautiful. It's not cold. Just right. Just enjoy the weather, that's all," said Tomas Lopez of Germantown.
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