Work continues to clear snowy streets after nor'easter

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Two days after the nor?easter hit our area, many people in our area were still digging out from the snow. (WPVI)

Two days after the nor'easter hit our area, many people in our area were still digging out from the snow.

James Holton spent part of his day in the city's Fern Rock section, doing what has become the job of many people around the area after Tuesday's Nor'easter: shoveling and digging out from the snow.

"It is real hard on the bottom, so it is not like regular snow that is soft and you move it. That is why you have to do a lot of work because it is hard and icy on the bottom," Holton said.

He's hoping this is the last time he will be doing this.

"I am a spring person, are you kidding! I have been waiting for spring since November," said James Holton.

A few blocks away we ran into Lawrence Smith going head-to-head with the ice on the sidewalk. He knew this day was coming this winter, it was just a matter of time.

"It seems like we were due for storm. Plus, the last big blizzard we had was in March, 96. So I wasn't surprised. I was kind of like waiting to see when it was going to hit," he said.

Driving across the city, it was evident that many streets had been plowed, but many residential side streets in South Philadelphia are still waiting.

"The side streets are always horrible, they are always horrible, ever since I was little. I have never seen a small street cleared out. They take forever to clear it out," said Colleen Seeley.

The city says there are more than 2,000 miles of streets to get to, so they urge residents to be patient and know that the Streets Department will get to their area.

Mayor Jim Kenney commended the city's street plowing efforts.

"I am concerned about people's safety. Three, four more days and it will be gone. It is a Mother Nature event," Kenney said.

If you have a street that needs to be cleared you are urged to contact the city's 311 hotline. Kenney said the goal is to have all streets cleared by Friday.

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