Delaware sisters celebrate acceptance into West Point Military Academy

NEWARK, Delaware (WPVI) -- With an acceptance rate of 12 percent and a lengthy application process, getting into West Point Military Academy is difficult for one person, let alone two.

But sisters Julia and Olivia Ferris from Newark, Delaware make it look easy - especially in the middle of a pandemic.

"I called every person I knew. I called Liv, my grandparents, my mom," Julia said.

She was driving when she got the news.

The senior at Delaware Military Academy had just gotten into West Point Military Academy.

"I was so excited. I just called everyone and they were all so happy for me! It was a great moment," she said.

A moment that she will now get to share with her sister, Olivia, who was also accepted.

Even though they're one year apart in school, they've done pretty much everything together, including play softball, which they'll now do at West Point.

The application process is lengthy.

Good grades and high test scores are coupled with rounds of interviews and a nomination from your state's senator or congressperson.

For Olivia, who spent the last year at Drexel, this was her second time applying.

COVID paused the required medical examination, disqualifying her application.

"Now I got in, in spite of COVID, which is really awesome to go through that whole process again," Olivia said.

West Point is not easy, so at least they'll have each other.

"We've always wanted to go to school together in the same class. I've always been one year behind her. Now we get to experience it together - and it's just great knowing when you're going through a tough time that she's going through it too. If she can get through it, I can, and if I can get through it, she can get through it," Julia said.

They report at the end of the month.

They haven't declared majors, but both hope to do something in the medical field.
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