What's the Deal: Packing tips and hacks from a local stylist

PHILADELPHIA -- Summer is here and travel season is in full swing. A local stylist of sharing her best packing tips, from what to bring to how to pack and stack it.

"We are all guilty of overpacking. I do! It's a common thing to keep in mind to pack smarter and lighter," said designer and Instagram Influencer, Amy Devan.

The stylist's Instagram account, House of Naveda, is stacked with hacks.

And now she's showing Action News viewers how to travel with style and smarts.

The first place to start is with a good, old-fashioned list.

"A week or two out, I make a list on the note section of my phone. And that way when I am packing I can refer to it and not forget the small items," she suggests.

And while you have your phone in hand, use it to document your travel style

"So you will see here, I have everything laid out for one look and what I will do is use my phone and take a snapshot of it," said Amy. "Take a picture and then you have it to reference when you are on vacation. Then you enjoy your time instead of worrying what to pack with what."

As you lay out the must-haves...

"First things first, always pack a dryer sheet in your suitcase, it keeps your clothes smelling fresh," said Amy.

"She also adds, always pack a small, lightweight bag as an extra storage option.

"This doubles as a beach bag, a laundry bag and say you go shopping, you have a place to put the extra stuff," she said.

But what about to protect those fragile items?

"What you do is stuff your breakables like perfume bottles in a sock put in a ziplock or a shoe and it won't break and if it does, you are only ruining the sock and nothing else in your suitcase," she suggests.

When it comes to suitcase stacking, Amy loves the rolling technique. Here, the tshirt and jeans that go together, roll together

"Roll this up. It saves space and also prevents wrinkling in your cottons then I take my belt and loop around the roll. Not only do you save space you don't have to worry about what to pair with what," she said.

For items with a high wrinkle factor, like silk, here's where you can reuse some of those clear plastic dry cleaning bags

"And then you just lay it out on a hanger and fold it and the plastic will prevent any creases in your material," said Amy.

For your carry on, she says get a small grab and go zip up bag.

"This is for all of my in-flight or travel essentials like passport, boarding pass, cash, earplugs, gum...whatever you need is all right here," she said.

And Amy says when it comes to packing shoes, as tempting as it may be to bring a bunch, try limiting it to two pairs in neutral colors that you can wear with everything.

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