What's the Deal: Best winter boots

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- With dangerous cold temperatures on the way, it's a good time to think about getting cold weather gear.

Walking in winter isn't all that wonderful without the right boots.

So gadget website The Wirecutter put seventeen pairs of boots to the test to check for warmth, traction and waterproof performance.

It took 100 hours of testing in frigid Alaska temperatures.

To test the boots for warmth, editor Nick Guy says they submerged the boots in ice and measured how quickly the temperature inside the boot dropped.

Testers also wore the boots on city streets and outdoor trails to test for traction.

An extreme challenge for these boots is the Wirecutter's waterproof test that goes way beyond reasonable expectations.

"We're gonna step into these buckets of ice water for five minutes until the boots leak," said Nick. "In our test we stepped around to mimic walking."

So what were their top picks?

The Wirecutter's pick for best overall men's boot is the Sorell, which retails for about $200.

"They're great for the city, they've got decent traction," said Nick.

Their runner-up was the $200 the Keen's Durand Polar, which is more suited for outdoor fun.

Anotehr winner was the Muck Boot Arctic Excursion Mid for about $140.

These boots were put through super cold, wet conditions.

"The water just wicks right away. They don't even look wet!" said Nick.

For women's top picks, The Wirecutter suggests the Columbia Women's Heavenly Omni-Heat Organza Lace-Up boot for $140 and the Keen Durand Polar for $200.

The Wirecutter's editors say you should stay away from wearing too many layers of socks, because they can cut off circulation and make your feet colder.

Also, you should wear polyester or wool socks, because they keep moisture away better than cotton.
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