Why is the water in Havertown/Upper Darby Green?

HAVERTOWN, Pa. (WPVI) -- Frogs are supposed to be green. However, streams are not, and that is what some residents are seeing in Havertown and Upper Darby, Delaware County.

So when Samantha Arcuri and her crew of kids came to Bailey Park in Havertown to play on Thursday she placed an immediate "no one in the water allowed" policy.

She said, "I wouldn't go in there."

On Wednesday she says they did go in. But the stream didn't match the color of the spring leaves yet.

She's hoping all stays normal. "We all have the same body parts and same skin," she laughs.

Around noon on Thursday, we got a response from the EPA.

They released a statement and part of it reads they "Are conducting an additional investigation near the Havertown PCP Superfund Site. The purpose of the investigation is to determine the causes for a recent increase in the elevation of the water table."

The green dye, they say, will help them pinpoint the cause of elevated water table which is causing homeowners' backyards and basements to flood.

Now officials say, though neon green, the water isn't toxic.

The EPA says monitoring the dyes will last four to six weeks, so there's a chance things are going to be green in the area for a while.

In fact, Chopper 6 flew over Naylor's Run in Upper Darby Thursday and it too was green.

The main area where the dyes have been placed are above Rittenhouse Circle.
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