Wildwood suffers setback on boardwalk repairs after powerful storm

WILDWOOD, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Construction crews are evaluating the damage caused to months of repairs made to the Wildwood boardwalk by a powerful storm that came through Monday.

Much of the progress they've made on improvements was peeled away by wind gusts of up 70 mph.

"It was all just fixed about a month ago and all this happened yesterday, so now they're back to square one again. They got to start all over," said Gene Haviland.

Haviland decided to check out the damage during a short walk near the convention center.

"Basically beach erosion and boardwalk damage, a couple of rides, but otherwise not too bad. Trees are ripped up all over the place," Haviland said.

Kelly Scardone of Diamond Beach also said she saw the same thing while on a bike ride around town.

"I'm on day 23 in the house, so it's been challenging with the storm and what we're going through with the virus," Scardone said. "A lot of wires down. A lot of home damage like siding and roofing. In the streets, garbage cans, debris."

That's also the case at All Action Water Sports in Somers Point where an Action News viewer recorded the roof peeling off at the height of the storm.

Clean up crews will soon begin digging out dozens of Jet Skis and boats, which are now buried under piles of debris.

"We can do this over again. No problem, as long as everybody's OK, we're good," said All Action Water Sports owner Raymond Leps.

They're also remaining hopeful down in Cape May where the historic Congress Hall Hotel suffered roof damage.
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