Wilmington cop becomes personal trainer on lunch break to help teen in need

WILMINGTON, Delaware (WPVI) -- A Wilmington, Delaware police officer went above and beyond when he became a personal trainer on his lunch break to help a teenager in need.

Officer Joshua Morris was responding to a call when he came upon the teenager who was upset that he could not leave home to meet his friends to workout.

Officer Morris told him, "Why do you need to leave your house to workout when you have the front of your home?"

Officer Morris went to lunch, picked up some fitness equipment, and returned to put that young man through his paces.

The officer guided the teenager, 14-year-old Hector Santiago, through an intense workout right on the sidewalk, street, and driveway outside his home.

Officer Morris even got in on the action taking part in some push-ups and leg exercises. He encouraged him during the sprints.

As Officer Morris told us there are "no excuses." He adds that he is beyond proud of Santiago.

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