Woman caught stealing security cameras in Upper Darby

UPPER DARBY, Pa. (WPVI) -- Upper Darby police are looking for a woman caught on surveillance video stealing surveillance cameras.

These are snapshots of the woman captured by the very cameras police say she stole and others nearby.

It's now happened six separate times.

The images get stored on a server or cloud elsewhere so police have been able to recover evidence of her in the act.

"So, the cameras she's accused of stealing could ultimately help police catch her. I can say we're not dealing with a rocket scientist here. I mean when you're looking at cameras being stolen, and you're being videotaped stealing the cameras it just doesn't make any sense. But that's life in Upper Darby," said Upper Darby Superintendent Michael Chitwood.

The surveillance camera thefts have all happened in the same general area: the 900 block of Argyle, the 2300 block of Bond Avenue, and the 2500 block of Stoneybrook Drive.

Take another close look at the suspect. If you can identify her, contact Upper Darby police.
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