Maryland Office of Tourism can plan your vacation for you

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Tuesday, June 11, 2024
Maryland Office of Tourism can plan your vacation for you
Our sponsor partners at the Maryland Office of Tourism have all kinds of itineraries that can fit whatever experience you want on your next vacation.

The experts at the Maryland Office of Tourism have mapped out 18 scenic byways you can explore.

You pick out one of the byways, each with a different theme, and they craft your suggested itinerary.

You can explore America's first highway, chase Lincoln's Assassin or try the horses and hounds byway, which incorporates the history of the steeplechase races in Maryland.

The byways wind through picture-perfect landscapes and charming towns, and many intersect with the Chesapeake Bay.

There are Chesapeake Bay storytellers, trained guides who can give you an authentic taste of the Chesapeake Bay's heritage and culture.

Then you can climb a lighthouse, go on a paddle tour, or go out fishing and crabbing with a waterman.

There's a Crab and oyster trail that will guide you to all of the restaurants in Maryland serving up authentic blue crab.

You can make Baltimore your home base or choose a small town Bed & Breakfast in one of Maryland's quintessential small bay towns.

Maryland is the third smallest state, dubbed by National Geographic as "America in Miniature."

That means you can make your way in one day from the Atlantic coast all the way out to the mountains, and it's all a short drive from Philadelphia.

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