Sign misspelled in several places outside school in Paterson, NJ

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Bill Ritter has the story. (WABC)

A sign riddled with spelling errors was seen outside, of all places, a school.

Now a principal in New Jersey is out of a job.

The message was posted outside PS 20 in Paterson with several typos.

Officials blamed a custodian for incorrectly updating the sign.

A school board member says that's no excuse. By coincidence, the school insists, the principal is now gone.

"Really it's unbelievable, I didn't think it was a real picture but based on the comments from the picture we found out that it was and it had been there for over a week, almost two weeks," said Corey Teague, a Paterson School Board member.

The sign has since been taken down.

Principal Antoinette Young is being reassigned, officials say for performance issues, and not because of the sign.
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