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Friday, May 17, 2024
Danny Simmons and Ajay Raju on Overheard
In the latest episode of Overheard, Ajay Raju speaks with Danny Simmons, a neo- African Abstract Expressionist painter, poet, author and philanthropist.

Overheard with Ajay Raju is back!

In this newest episode, Ajay speaks with Danny Simmons a neo-African Abstract Expressionist painter, poet, author and philanthropist.

Danny Simmons conceived and co-produced the hit HBO show Def Poetry Jam, a weekly TV series that exhibited an eclectic blend of old-school poets (such as legendary expressionists Nikki Giovanni and Amiri Baraka) and new-school poets. Simmons won a Tony Award for the Broadway version of the show.

Simmons is also a co-founder, along with his siblings, music mogul Russell, and hip hop legend Joseph aka "Rev Run," and president of the Rush Arts Galleries and the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing disadvantaged urban youth with significant arts exposure and access to the arts.

In 2015, Simmons moved to Philadelphia and opened Rush Arts Philadelphia gallery (RAP) to further the Rush Arts mission and to begin to create a national presence for the service organization.

Simmons is currently serving as a member of Vision 20/20, a Germination Project initiative that has enlisted 20 of Philadelphia's most prominent arts and culture leaders to develop a long-term strategic vision to boost the art economy and ecosystem in the Greater Philadelphia region.

In 2023, Ajay had extensive conversations with several of the democratic candidates for Philadelphia mayor. You can see them here.

Also in Overheard's second season, Ajay sat down with Dr. James Wilson and Richard Vague. Listen in on those conversations here.

Everyone wanted to listen in on Ajay Raju's conversations during season one of Overheard. His talks with the biggest and brightest names in Philadelphia made headlines. They also shined a light on all of the potential this region has for greatness in business, technology and health care, while never skipping over the potholes that so often seem to stand in the way of Philadelphia becoming a major force in world industry.

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