10 kids who won the Internet with their cuteness in 2014


What makes a video go viral? Including an adorable kid (or two, or 10) certainly helps.

These kids made millions laugh, cry and say "aw," in 2014, just by being themselves.

10. Minion takes a tumble
Why we love him: America's Funniest Home Videos has plenty of adorable kid videos on its YouTube page, but this one stood out this year because, well, just watch and tell us you don't fall in love with him. Disclaimer: He's OK!
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9. Girl puts "Beauty and the Beast's" Gaston in his place
Why we love her: This young lady is not afraid to voice her opinion, even if that opinion is telling a Disney villain to his face that he is most certainly not her favorite character.
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8. The kid who wants to fist-bump all the Bruins players
Why we love him: When was the last time you were this happy about something? When you were his age? Or maybe when you were watching this video.
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7. Baby flexing his muscles
Why we love him: It's so simple but so precious. He wants to be just like daddy.
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6. Girl starts dance party in subway
Why we love her: What's cuter than a little girl who loves to dance? A little girl who loves to dance so much that she started a party.
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5. The kids who got paint everywhere
Why we love them: This video is just as much about the dad as it is about the kids. If a kid's ever made a huge mess on your watch, this dad's alternation between lecturing and holding back hysterical laughter is all too familiar.
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4. The "Apparently" kid
Why we love him: If we had to choose a break-out star of 2014 purely from the "I can't get enough of this kid" factor, there's no competition. Noah Ritter took his place in viral video history earlier this year when he gave an interview on live local television that was irresistibly adorable. After that he was everywhere, from commercials to merchandise to getting turned into an auto-tuned song.
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3. This baby loves "Dark Horse"...a lot
Why we love her: OK, maybe Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" isn't your jam. Maybe it is. But so many of us know the feeling when that one particular song comes on that makes you really, really excited. And who can express that excitement in a cuter way than this baby? No one, that's who.
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2. All (OK, most) of the kids in Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween prank video
Why we love (most of) them: Halloween candy is a big deal when you're a kid, and imagine the betrayal you would feel if your parents ate all of it. Some of their reactions were so sweet, and some of them were devastated just so us grown-ups could get a laugh. But let's be honest: They probably got over it pretty quickly (especially after they got the candy back) and now they're ready for the day when they can pull the prank on their kids.
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1. "I want him to stay little!"
Why we love her: What's not to love about such a genuine little girl? Five-year-old Sadie was devastated when she found out her little brother would not be a cute baby forever. Their sweet relationship caught the attention of the internet, and Sadie and her brother both have the perfect clip to show at their respective weddings.
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Did we miss one of your favorite cute kids that went viral in 2014? Share it with us in the comments below!

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