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Art of Aging: Centenarian birthdays

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Birthdays are cause for celebration at any age, but if you live to be 100, it's time for a big bash.

Birthdays are cause for celebration at any age, but if you live to be 100, it's time for a big bash.

For the past seven years, Montgomery County has thrown a big birthday party for its centenarians, complete with cake, balloons and lots of love.

Kitty Trent of Hatboro, Pennsylvania says, "This is one place where people aren't ashame to ask how old are you?"

This year, it was a party for 60 at Dock Woods in Lansdale.

Karen Barsottini is co-chair of the steering committee.

"I hope it's as special to them as it is for us because it is an honor and privilege to celebrate their lives," said Karen.

Debbie Tedesco of the steering committee added, "The knowledge that they have, the number of years of experience. They have many stories to tell."

The world has certainly changed in their lifetime.

Kitty said, "We were the second people on our street to have a car. We were the second people on my street phone and the second people to have electricity."

But these seniors are more focused on the future.

Andrella Lattimore of Cheltenham says, "What I'm interested in is what's coming now. What's on the way now?"

Roger Wardlow of Lansdale says, "The explorations in space for instance. It's astounding what plans they have."

And what's the secret of a long life?

"Do unto other people as you want done to you," said Andrella.

Kitty says, "Just living that long, one day after another."

"I think that a lot of it has to do with the care that I got from my wife. We were married 64 years, said Roger.

With their loved ones all around, these elders were given the attention and thanks that they've earned.

"People don't seem to believe that I am 100. I do," laughs Kitty.

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