6 scary experiences await at Terror Behind the Walls

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Terror Behind the Walls is in its 25th season...and scarier than ever! (WPVI)

Halloween is just 2 weeks away and Philadelphia is home to one of the largest, scariest and highest rated haunted attractions in the country.

Terror Behind the Walls is in its 25th season...and scarier than ever!

"We allow you to design your scare your own way before you even step foot into the 6 attractions. You make a choice you decide if you want the more intense experience what this means is you get a tracking device which is a glow necklace and a mark of blood on your cheek," said Amy Hollaman, Creative Director of Terror Behind the Walls, Eastern State Penitentiary.

"This will inform our staff that you can be grabbed pulled taken away into a dark corridor and separated from your friends and family," she added.

But don't worry - if you get too scared you can pop off the tracking device!

"Lockdown is an attraction in one of our cell blocks that was originally built in the 1800s. It's crumbling, the guards have lost control and the inmates have taken over," explains Hollaman.

With electricity in the air, it's a very intense experience.

Another attraction is the machine shop.

"It's a little bit gruesome but hopefully you'll find your way out," said Hollaman.

Next, an outdoor labyrinth called Detritus is littered with monsters everywhere.

"And hopefully you don't meet the butcher or any of the other inmates who are hiding among the vines," said Hollaman.

And the infirmary is a creepy classic for Terror Behind the walls.

"This is an old fashioned hospital where the doctors and nurses are examining you to see if you've caught a virus. All the patients in here are sick and of course there's operating rooms - there's an xray room and uh it's pretty creepy in there. There's some old creepy music and there are dark corridors you never know where you might be pulled away," said Hollaman.

And you'll end up in Quarantine - a black light attraction.

"Quarantine in 4D is our 5th attraction. This is a black light attraction - all patients must wear safety glasses they start to experience hallucinations creatures and characters come out from every corner," explains Hollaman. "The walls are moving, you feel dizzy and it's distorted. If you can make your way out, you enter the final attraction Breakout."

Hollaman says in this attraction - you may need to crawl or climb to break out.

Do you have what it takes to escape the Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary?

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