College student builds his own functional Batsuit

(Jackson Gordon)

Industrial design student and cosplayer Jackson Gordon has built a Batsuit that can withstand punches, baseball bats and more.

Industrial design student Jackson Gordon is taking cosplay to a new level with his most recent creation - a Batsuit that not only looks like the one from the Christopher Nolan "Dark Knight" trilogy, but could also withstand some of the punches Batman faces as well.

Gordon, who attends Philadelphia University, spent six months designing and building the suit from materials that include foam padding, kevlar, plastic and Lycra. The 21-year-old tells ABC the Batsuit resists attacks from bats, knives and most other bladed objects.

"The testing varied on the material, but the armored plates for example where tested for weight/performance ratio, stab/slash resistance, impact resistance, flexibility and ease of construction," Gordon told ABC via email. "After being tested individually, the different materials where all put into a single prototype to test them together, then the real suit was constructed."

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Gordon says his friends find the Batsuit "pretty cool" if not a little nerdy.

He's not sure what his next project will be and plans to focus on school until a new idea peaks his interest.
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