TroubleShooters: Fixing a NJ couple's leaking sunroom

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A New Jersey couple spent big money on a sunroom that they say has been plagued with persistent leaks. (WPVI)

The Starlings tell Action News that their sunroom is nothing more than a storage room - unless you want to call it a rain room - because they say it leaks.

"It originally started over there, in the front of the house, in the corner, behind the curio. All the towels, everything is covered with towels because everything was soaked. And also the strips you can see are discolored - that's where the rain has been coming in as well," said Angela Sterling.

The Starlings say they spent more than $25,000 on the sunroom.

It was built in 2007 but came with a lifetime warranty.

The Starlings say the company did come out four times to fix it.

However the last time they called, which was two years ago, they got the runaround.

That's when they decided to turn to the Action News TroubleShooters.

"We were just frustrated - very frustrated of not getting anywhere," said Starling.

After talking to the company, it becomes apparent - this story isn't so clear-cut.

The company believes the Starlings' latest leak is due to an issue with their siding not the sunroom.

It also says their gutters were overloaded.

Still, in order to do right by its customer and our Action News viewer, the company is fixing the sunroom and siding - so there's no more leaks.

"Thank you, thank you Channel 6 and thank you Miss Han," said Mark Starling.

Since we last saw the Starlings, the sunroom company has repaired the roof, replaced the gutters, cleaned the cleaning, and scrubbed the walls.

Meantime, there are two important lessons here.

First, you have to be persistent and don't let a lot of time lapse between contacts. Certainly don't let a year or more pass by.

Also, if you buy something that comes with a lifetime warranty - make sure you understand exactly what that warranty covers.

In this case, the company tells Action News the warranty covers parts and materials but not labor.
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