Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton discuss 'American Crime' season 2

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"American Crime" is no stranger to controversy or delicate affairs and this season is no exception. (WPVI)

"American Crime" is no stranger to controversy or delicate affairs and this season is no exception.

It's the story of a public high school student in Indiana who accuses members of a private school's championship-winning basketball team of sexually assaulting him, then posting pictures of it online.

Felicity Huffman stars as Lesley Graham, the headmaster determined to protect her school.

"I think she backs whatever corporation she's in, whether it's a private school or a Fortune 500 company," said Huffman. "She's very intelligent, she's 20 steps ahead of everybody else and she sees everything from a macro point of view."

Timothy Hutton also returns to the show. This season, he plays Coach Dan Sullivan, whose life is his team.

"He's a good husband, he's a good father and all that, but he is absolutely determined to be the best possible coach to these young men," said Hutton.

"American Crime" is an anthology - a different story each season, lasting just a few episodes each.

The stars said they think the show is such a hit because it's so topical and current.

"You know what's being discussed in these stories for certainly the last year and absolutely this year as well, these are issues people talk about at home in living rooms and around the kitchen tables," said Hutton.

"You don't want to watch a TV show about an issue. You can read the paper or an article about that," said Huffman. "You want to watch a TV show because the story and because you wanna know what happens next, what happens next because it grips you."

The show's first season earned 10 Emmy nominations, including one win for supporting actress Regina King.

"American Crime" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on 6abc.

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