Shelter Me: Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue

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A rescue group in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is giving Golden Retrievers a second chance. (WPVI)

A rescue group in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is giving Golden Retrievers a second chance.

Charlotte just arrived at the Philadelphia International Airport.

There were 6 Golden Retrievers, pulled from deplorable conditions in Puerto Rico, and saved by the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue.

Robin Adams, the Executive Director, Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue said, "Every dog comes with a story usually in really bad shape."

Robin Adams has rescued more than 4,500 Golden Retrievers over the past thirty years.

"They come from all over. We've got a magnificent team that manages to rehabilitate the dogs and find great homes for them," she said.

The dogs from Puerto Rico found shelter at her rescue facility in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

They are looking for a successful adoption like Blizzard, who was saved from a puppy mill in 2012.

Susan Perri adopted Blizzard in January 2012.

"You could just tell that there was something special about him," said Susan.

He was treated for life threatening issues by Robin's team, and now Blizzard is comforting others.

Susan adds, "He's a therapy dog with KPETS. He makes weekly visits to a retirement community.

Steve Perri who also adopted Blizzard says, "They just treat him like a rock star over there. I mean he walks in and it's like Blizzard!"

"It's really amazing. I was gonna say it touches the people, and it touches me that he can do something like that," said Susan.

Looking to create their own happy tale are Fletcher and Higgins who are a bonded pair available for adoption.

Dennis Stauffer, Manager and Trainer, DVGRR says, "They're brothers, they're litter mates, they're both 2-years-old.

Pearla is 3-years-old, a stray from Puerto Rico.

Dennis says, "She is a very sweet girl who gets along with other dogs, and likes to play."

They occasionally have Labradoodles, like 1-year-old Finn.

"Very smart, very alert, fun high energy, and needs lots of exercise," said Dennis.

If you're interested in any of the dogs you've met today, you can visit the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue website.

And, if you'd like us to share your shelter success stories, post a picture to the FYI Philly Facebook page using #6abc Shelter Me and tell us where you adopted your pet and how much they mean to you.

Action News will feature your stories on upcoming Shelter Me segments.

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