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Joe Joe?s Place is a rescue in Medford, New Jersey that was founded through tragedy. (WPVI)

Joe Joe's Place is a rescue in Medford, New Jersey that was founded through tragedy.

One success story is Newton. He joined the Bryson family in February, 2014.

Jessica and Dan adopted Newton shortly after getting married.

"It was on my birthday," said Dan Bryson. "Surprise! We're getting a dog!"

"He loves to cuddle, loves fetch. He'll play fetch literally for hours," said Jessica Bryson.

Now they're preparing to welcome another member to the family. Jessica and Dan are expecting their first baby this summer.

"In July he's going to have a little sister to take care of," said Jessica.

"We do have a lot of happy endings," said Taryn Lloyd-Drayton, co-director of Joe Joe's Place. "You are part of a family, and I guess that comes from it being my family starting it."

The foster-based rescue was founded in 2009, after Taryn's brother, Joey, died from an undiagnosed cardiac arrhythmia.

"Right after he passed we adopted three puppies from a rescue," she said.

Now, seven years later, their mission has grown.

"Now we have about 25 foster homes at any given time," Taryn said. "We were a family that had a severe loss and we made a positive out of such a negative loss."

Other dogs looking for a home include Ballet, a 16-week-old shepherd mix. She's being treated for an eye condition but, otherwise, she's a perfect fit for any family.

"We'll do a foster with the intent to adopt, so that she can still go home with her family but the medical end is still on us," said Taryn.

Patrick and Kelly are 4-month-old basset hound siblings.

"Kid-friendly and they have other dogs so they're dog-friendly."

Visit for more information on these dogs and many more.

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