Allergists: Many kids not using inhalers properly

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Allergists say many children aren't using their inhalers properly. (WPVI)

Allergists say many children aren't using their inhalers properly which could lead to more and worse asthma attacks.

And for kids with asthma, this time of the year can be especially difficult. We have fall allergies and we typically start to see more viruses going around.

But some experts say most kids they see that have inhalers aren't using them correctly.

This means they're likely not getting the amount of medication they need to keep asthma under control.

The biggest mistake is not using a spacer. Without it, about 80-percent of the medicine settles in the mouth, not the lungs.

Many kids also don't realize you have to exhale completely in order to inhale properly.

"Take some normal breaths, and then take a big deep breath to fully exhale so that you have empty lungs, to take a nice big, deep breath to get all the medicine deep into the lungs," Dr. B.J. Lanser said.

Kids should also stand up straight, and keep their heads level, not tipped back.

Doctors say most kids need to practice to get the technique right.

But when they do, it can significantly cut the number of attacks.

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