Local college hoops player mixes business, basketball for winning combo

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Jordan DeCicco has quite the shot. But we're not talking about his basketball shot. We're talking about his shot of coffee. (WPVI)

Jordan DeCicco has quite the shot.

But we're not talking about his basketball shot that made the Philadelphia University guard conference player of the week. We're talking about his shot of coffee.

"This is Sunniva, the world's first super coffee," said DeCicco.

DeCicco brewed up the all-natural, coffee-based energy drink in his dorm room.

With 5 a.m. practices and lots of studying, he was falling asleep in class and needed a boost.

"One day I went to our convenience store on campus and I wanted to get an energy drink or just a bottled coffee, and the only thing I could get was loaded with artificial ingredients and sugars and unhealthy stuff, so I was like I'm not gonna drink this," said DeCicco.

But the 21-year-old believes you will drink Sunniva, which consists of organic coffee, protein and coconut oil he combined to come up with four flavors.

At first, his teammates were skeptical.

"They used to make fun of me freshmen year. They used to laugh at me like, 'What are you doing?', 'Why are you doing this?', and I would just be like, 'wait, wait, wait, it's getting better,' " said DeCicco.

"Love it. probably have at least two or three a day," said Mike Louden, guard.

DeCicco believes this is a billion dollar idea. Go figure it all started in his dorm room on campus, two years ago. It is now being sold in Whole Foods. It will soon be on the shelves at Acme. And one day he is hoping it will be on the shelves at Wawa, too.

"Its the best feeling in the world because when you're creating the product and you're putting so much passion and energy and time into it, you dream of seeing it on the shelf," said DeCicco.

DeCicco says Sunniva generated $300,000 in sales in 2016, with more to come in the New Year. Sounds like a game winner.

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