Protesters demand meeting at Sen. Toomey's new office

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They called it an ?office-warming party,? but it was not meant to be a warm welcome. (WPVI)

They called it an "office-warming party," but it was not meant to be a warm welcome.

Protesters gathered outside Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey's new Philadelphia office on Wednesday.

They're demanding that he meet with his constituents in a face-to-face, town hall forum.

The group, called Tuesdays with Toomey, would normally - as the name implies - demonstrate on a Tuesday.

But on this Wednesday, Senator Toomey's Philadelphia office moved to a new location -- and the group wanted the senator to know they are aware and the protests will continue.

"The point is, he has been elected to listen to our concerns and he hasn't done that and hasn't made himself available," said Holly Mack-Ward of West Philadelphia.

The group started the demonstrations several weeks ago.

They are calling for a Philadelphia town hall to challenge the senator on his campaign promises and hear directly from him on issues like health care, President Trump's cabinet appointments and more.

"We want a town hall and we want him to work for us," said Vashti Bandy.

"He said in the very beginning, after Trump was elected, that he wouldn't be a rubber stamp and so far we have yet to see anything that is not just rubber stamping," said Alexandra Gunnison.

Toomey was in DC and not at his new office on Wednesday. Staff members say he is aware of the protests and they are not being ignored.

They say Sen. Toomey met with protesters from the Harrisburg and Pittsburgh chapters of Tuesdays with Toomey, and staff members say they have met with organizers almost every time they show up to one of Toomey's state offices.

Earlier this month, Sen. Toomey held a 'tele-town hall,' where constituents could call in or participate on social media or a chat application.

He acknowledged it has been hard for constituents to call his office because of a flood of phone calls.

Demonstrators say it is still not good enough. They want to see him in Philadelphia.

"I don't understand why he won't at least have a town hall with us, why he won't listen to us," said Mia Rosenthal.

Despite the demonstrations, there is still no planned town hall for Philadelphia.


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