Couple busted for sex next to little league field

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New Jersey Correspondent Nora Muchanic reports from Oaklyn with the full story.

A Camden County couple was arrested after they were caught having sex, just feet from a little league baseball field.

Now, their public romp has a community up in arms.

Oaklyn is a quiet town, under a square mile in size, and people there are having a hard time believing something like this actually happened. But it did.

"In broad daylight. At a baseball game," said Victoria Conley. She can't believe what happened at Lyons Park Tuesday night.

That's when two off-duty cops coaching T-ball had a hard time focusing on balls and strikes because they noticed in a marshy area just a football field away from more than 100 little kids was a couple that appeared to be engaging in sexual activity.

Conley says, "Nobody should be seeing that. Behind closed doors, I mean it's not legal and it's not a good thing, but behind closed doors would be a better place perhaps to do something like that in general."

While one of the off-duty cops confronted the couple, another called for an on-duty officer to respond.

The man allegedly involved, 56-year-old Charles Reynolds of Mantua, took off leaving 24-year-old Dayna Silverman of Oaklyn behind.

She was arrested and he later turned himself in.

Both have been charged with prostitution, lewdness, disorderly conduct, and trespassing.

"It shouldn't be. I mean I'm frightened for the kids," said Caroline Morgenthaler.

Morgenthaler's backyard is near where the couple was arrested.

She says, "I don't need this. Nobody needs this to go on in their backyard."

Steve and Madge Novick's deck overlooks the park and ball fields.

Madge tells us, "I don't like it at all. I thank God my kids are grown, I mean you know? I have grandkids I'd be horrified if that happened."

Steve says, "Doesn't belong here. Doesn't belong in this town. Doesn't belong anywhere."

And Mary Ellen O'Donnell, a teacher, says, "Not right behind a school. Not during T-ball. If you have to do it at all."

Police say an incident like this is very unusual for the area. They tell us the T-ballers did not see and don't know what was going on over in the woods, and for that they're thankful.
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