Ex-girlfriend's accusations get man fired, arrested

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One Florida woman went to extreme lengths to ruin her ex. (WPVI)

A Florida woman is behind bars after being convicted of a plot to ruin the life of her ex-boyfriend with claims ranging from abuse to pedophilia.

Tawny Blazejowski, 41, was convicted earlier this month.

Blazejowski dated the victim, 51-year-old Joe Good, but Good eventually broke up with her.

"The phone rang and she was, 'Are you sure this is what you want? Because I've got everything lined up that I'm going to ruin you,'" Good recalled.

Blazejowski first hacked his personal email account and sent a barrage of personal, pornographic images to his bosses. He was then fired.

Then, a cop showed up at his door with pictures of Blazejowski beat up and her face bloody. She claimed Good did it and he was arrested.

She had him investigated for allegations of pedophilia - with his own daughter.

She also made death threats.

Blazejowski was finally arrested after investigators found all of her plans laid out in a notebook. She was arrested and charged with making threats to maim and murder.

In the end, she pleaded no contest to the eight felony counts against her.

In addition to nine years in prison, the judge also sentenced her on Oct. 10 to two years of house arrest and 19 years probation.

Blazejowski's lawyers argued that she has obsessive compulsive disorder and bipolar and that the disorders contributed to her crimes.

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