Hero pulls man from burning home in Hockessin, Del.

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A wheelchair-bound man was saved from his burning home after a neighbor spotted the flames and ran inside. (WPVI)

A wheelchair-bound man was saved from his burning home after a passerby spotted the flames and ran inside.

The Good Samaritan put his life in danger by running into the burning home, but he says he was not thinking of his safety. He says his instincts jumped in, and he knew he had to save whoever was in the home.

That Good Samaritan is Anthony Cirillo. He explains, "Once we turned around I pulled up into the driveway and knocked on the door. When I knocked on the door, the guy said he couldn't get up."

Despite his valiant actions, Cirillo will not call himself a hero, saying, "I am no hero. I was just in the right place at the right time."

However, the Cazier family says for them, it's exactly what he is.

Ashley Cazier says, "It's incredible. We are forever grateful for this man that came here and saved my dad."

When a fire started at their Hockessin, Delaware home along the 1100 block of Yorklyn Road around 1 p.m. Wednesday, Dan Cazier was home alone.

Cazier has MS and can't walk. He was trapped and couldn't get to his wheelchair.

Cirillio and his wife were driving in the area when they saw the smoke, called 911 and rushed to help.

Anthony's wife, Randi Cirillo, tells us, "I'm trying to tell the fire department that there's a guy in here, he can't walk. We're trying to get him out. And they said, 'get out of the house.' And I said he's not going to leave that guy in the house."

At the time Cirillo says he didn't think that he was putting his life in danger. All he knew is that someone needed help, and he had to act quickly.

Anthony Cirillo explains, "We got him out within a minute, and the flames started coming out of the window."

Firefighters say the cause of the fire was accidental. They say a heating lamp fell and started the flames on the second floor.

For the Cazier family, one thing that was no accident is their unexpected encounter with Anthony Cirillo. They say they are forever grateful for his lifesaving decision to run into their burning home and save their dad.

Ashley Cazier says, "There's no words to even describe what we could say to him."

Randi Cirillo tells us, "I think he's a hero. I do, I really do. You know, he's very humble. And I'm just so proud of him, I really am."

A neighbor also came over to help the victim, and two family dogs were also rescued from the home.

The damage is estimated at around $30,000, but the family says they're just grateful no lives were lost.
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