Suspected cemetery thief caught on camera

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The woman probably thought no one would notice her driving into a cemetery and helping herself to some Christmas wreaths. (WPVI)

Among the quiet, snow covered graves at Laurel Hill in Saco, Maine is that of Barbara Danis. She died seven years ago after battling cancer.

Her best friend, Gesele Roy, spent a lot of time at her bedside.

Gesele says, "One of the things she asked me, please don't forget me at Christmas. I promised, I will never forget you and her husband Tom and I, every year, it's a ritual. We always go. It's the weekend after Thanksgiving and we make sure her grave is decorated every year."

But last Tuesday, between 15 and 18 grave site wreaths were stolen.

Another woman mounted a camera on a tree hoping to capture something - and it did!

The video shows a large, dark SUV pull into the Laurel Hill Cemetery. A short, dark haired woman, gets out, looks around and helps herself to the headstone mounted wreaths.

Police posted the video to their website and people are furious as they try and identify the suspect.

Gesele Roy has a message for the woman on the tape. She says, "She hurt our feelings and that it's Christmas. What was she thinking? Is she that desperate that she has to go to the grave, cemeteries to take things off people's grave sites? She probably thinks, 'Oh they're dead, it doesn't mean anything.' But to us that's our loved one, somebody we really cared about. We're putting that, not for them, but for us. Showing the people we lost how much we love them."
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