Upper Darby officers rescue kids locked in hot car

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Two children are safe and sound after they were rescued by two police officers from a locked SUV in Delaware County. (WPVI)

Two children are safe and sound after they were rescued by two police officers from a locked SUV in Delaware County.

The dramatic event unfolded just before 11:00 a.m. Monday as the sun beat down turning the inside of cars into ovens within minutes.

An Action News viewer joined the action and sent us the video of the rescue, which happened in the parking lot of the Upper Darby campus of Delaware Community College.

One of the officers who rescued the children is now speaking out, saying he's humbled and that they were just doing their job.

As the temperature rose above 90 degrees and the humidity skyrocketed, Officers Frank Guille and Charles Peterson knew each minute mattered and the kids needed out.

"Mom was on location. She was nervous, she was calm - she's was overly concerned to get access and get her children out as soon as possible," said Officer Guille.

"The new cars have anti theft devices that prevent us from getting in, so you may see this more often," said Upper Darby Police Sergeant Anthony Vaughn.

The mother immediately called 911. The two officers first tried to use their police issued tools to get the toddlers out but with no luck.

Police say the SUV had a key-less ignition. After the mother had strapped in her two young kids, she loaded the diaper bag with the keys inside and closed the doors.

That's when one of the children accidentally locked the door.

"We knew it was extremely hot outside. The humidity was bad. We did our best for a couple minutes, one or two minutes," said Officer Guille. "When we were unable to get in, Officer Peterson decided immediately he was going to break the window of the car."

Using a metal flashlight wrapped in a towel, the officer slowly broke a hole in the window. The tinting film had the officer relieved the window wouldn't shatter on the children inside.

"We didn't want any glass to shatter, but with the tinted windows it sticks - it's almost spider webs," said Officer Guille.

Officer Peterson slipped his hand through to unlock the door.

Officer Guille then quickly jumped in the back, pulling the children out of the car. Both children were alert and were checked out at a local hospital. They are doing just fine.

Their mother is relieved that this potentially fatal mistake turned out just fine - albeit with one broken window.

"Glad we could help. The kids were good and mom was thankful. That's why we're here," said Officer Guille.

No charges have been filed as police say this was simply an accident but officers warn this could happen more often with these key-less ignitions.

Parents are advised to keep the keys on them when loading children and/or roll the window down while loading up.
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