Women say Philadelphia landlord took their money, left them homeless

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Two women say a landlord left them without a home.

At least two families are not only out of thousands of dollars, they're out of a home after the landlord took their deposits, but didn't deliver the keys.

Nancy Jennings says she put down more than $2,000 to move into a home on 6200 block of Reedland Street in Southwest Philadelphia in early January.

The move-in date was February 1st.

Jennings recalled her conversation with landlord Sherrie Gordon Johnson.

"The first came, I'm here, she's not here. She calls me. She says, 'I can't make it. I'll see you on the third.' I came on the third. 'Oh, I can't make it. I'll come by Saturday,'" Jennings said.

Johnson did not show Saturday either.

Jennings rented the house a decade ago from Johnson and never had a problem, but now she has a big one.

"I moved out of my old house to move into this house. And I have four children and now me and my four children live in my daughter's apartment that's a one bedroom," Jennings said.

Jazmine McQueen has a similar story.

"She's just taking our money like there is nothing wrong with it," McQueen said.

McQueen says she gave Sherrie Gordon Johnson an $850 deposit for the same house in 2011 and never heard back.

"I feel betrayed because it's a woman I've trusted since I was 13 years old," McQueen said.

Both women showed Action News signed deposit receipts and text messages allegedly from Johnson and they largely back what the women are alleging.

"She can't say I didn't give her this money," Jennings said.

They both went to police, but more than anything, they want their money back.

"I don't appreciate what you've done to me and my family or the hardship you've put me through," McQueen said, speaking directly to the absent landlord.

Action News spoke with Johnson late Tuesday night.

She tells Action News she will reimburse Jennings on Friday, but says she did not take her money intentionally.

She also denies taking Jazmine McQueen's deposit in 2011.

Sherrie Gordon Johnson denied a request for an on camera interview.
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