Kathleen Kane talks about AG duties, email scandal with Nydia Han

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Nydia Han talked to Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane one on one on Thursday. (WPVI)

Nydia Han talked to Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane one on one on Thursday.

And while her office wanted us to stick to questions pertaining to National Consumer Protection Week, we had to address the elephants in the room. In particular, her ability to serve as an effective attorney general considering the criminal case against her and the suspension of her law license.

Nydia: Why not step down and let someone unencumbered by those things take over and really focus on this job at hand?

AG Kathleen Kane: We do focus on the job at hand. We've had a record number of monies that are returned to the Commonwealth. Our child predator unit has an 800 percent increase in arrests of child predators in Pennsylvania. We're in it to actually get the job done, we're getting it done and the reason I don't resign is because I've done nothing wrong.

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Watch Nydia Han's full interview with Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

Nydia: I know that you've said that legally you did nothing wrong. Looking back, do you think perhaps ethically there was something?

Kane: No, no I don't. My friends and everyone who know me know that I don't even jaywalk.

Nydia also asked Kane about her appointment of a special prosecutor to dig deeper into the judicial email scandal.

Kane: Whether it's going to lead to resignations, whether it's going to lead to firings, you know, that's going to be up to the individuals, that's going to be up to the citizens to demand.

Nydia: What do you think the outcome should be? It's one thing to expose the system, but then what should the impact, the outcome be?

Kane: The outcome should be that we do not have a system whereby the judges, the prosecutors and the defense attorneys are so comfortable with each other and they have such a personal relationship with each other that they feel comfortable enough to share their racist thoughts or comfortable enough to share their hatred toward women.

Kane says she does believe her campaign to smash the old boys network will make a long-term, lasting difference in the Commonwealth.

Nydia: You've talked about the impact this has had on you personally and on your two teenage sons - if you could have a do-over, what, if anything, would you do differently?

Kane: That's hard to say. There are certain things that of course you don't know until you get there.
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