Bus driver treats passengers to lemonade from children's stand along his route


A group of Boston commuters had their days sweetened up when a city bus driver bought refreshments for everyone aboard, from a children's lemonade stand.

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John Lohan has been a bus driver with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority for nearly 20 years. Last Thursday, Lohan asked his passengers if they wanted to stop at the child-run lemonade stand on the side of the street.

"I said to them, 'If any of you are in a hurry or need to make a connection, I'll keep going,'" Lohan told Boston.com. Lohan first noticed the lemonade stand when he had passed by it on his route earlier in the day. He thought stopping by with a bus full of passengers might give the children operating the stand a memorable experience.

None of the passengers objected, and the 49-year-old driver was able to pull over in front of the lemonade stand and buy everyone a refreshing afternoon treat.

Footage of Lohan's refreshing gesture was uploaded to the MBTA YouTube channel, where the driver can be seen handing out cups to passengers at the four minute mark in the video above.

It's unlikely, however, that Lohan will be able to pull off another lemonade stop anytime in the near future. The combination of a small amount of passengers aboard his bus, his schedule being off-rush hour, and the stand itself being set up just a bit away made the lemonade stop possible.

"All the stars were aligned," Lohan told Boston.com. "The conditions were just right ... ninety percent of the time, you can't do that on the job."
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