Summer hack: DIY pool noodle sprinkler


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If you don't have room for a pool in your yard or you simply need a break from piling the kids into the car for a beach day, this DIY sprinkler is for you. Using an old pool noodle, it's affordable, simple to create, and perfect for enjoying summer at home. Plus, your little ones will look adorable running around in the water!

Pool Noodle Sprinkler


  • Pool noodle

  • Scissors

  • Duct tape

  • Hose

  • Skewer


  1. Use scissors to cut off one end of the pool noodle. Then cut into 4 small pieces.

  2. Insert two of those pieces into one end of the pool noodle. Use duct tape to tape that end closed.

  3. Place a hose inside the other end of the pool noodle.

  4. Insert the two remaining pieces into this end, around the hose, to close. Duct tape to seal.

  5. Grab a skewer and poke holes evenly in a line along the side of the pool noodle.

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