Top 10 best looking mugshots

(The Smoking Gun)

Police mugshots can range anywhere from sexy to downright hilarious. Here are some celebrities and everyday folk that take such impressive mugshots that you wish you could be in the picture with them -- almost.

The Biebs

Justin Bieber's mugshot

Who could forget Justin Bieber's picture-perfect mugshot that he took after being arrested on DUI charges? He looks like he's having a grand old time!

Santa's Little Helper

Santa's elf mugshot

Looks like Santa's elf is going on the naughty list this year because of DUI charges.

Selfie Queen

Selfie mugshot

Good to know that being arrested on public intoxication charges warrants a silly photo. I wonder if she was thinking, "I'm going to jail -- but first, let me take a selfie."

Poor Paris

Paris Hilton mugshot

Drug possession charges? Being arrested is no excuse to not look fabulous. We wonder how many takes it took for Paris Hilton to get the shot just right.

Smooth Criminal

Sexy man mugshot

He's the most wanted man in Northern California. Women from all over would totally bail this babe out of prison -- they're willing to overlook the street terrorism charges.

The Joker

The joker mugshot

Being arrested for trespassing is no reason to look so serious. Maybe he was just joking around?

The "Say Cheese" Criminal

Smiley mugshot

We don't know why this man is being booked, but he sure looks happy to be there!

Locked Up Man

This man has ironic taste in jewelry. His assault charges got more of him locked up than just his ears!

The Tattooed Man

The tattooed man

This illustrated man was jailed on a state warrant. He must have had some unique tattoos that helped the police spot him in a crowd.

The Seasoned Veteran

Lindsay Lohan's mugshot

This is one of Lindsay Lohan's many famous mugshots. You can tell she's had lots of practice because she actually looks quite good.

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