LeBron James must don Cubs uni after bet with Dwyane Wade

CHICAGO -- Dwyane Wade is ready for his buddy LeBron James to make good on their World Series bet.

TheBullsstar smiled with pride on Friday while discussing the end of the duo's bet, which closed with the Chicago Cubs knocking off the Cleveland Indians in Game 7 early Thursday morning in a 10-inning thriller.

James, an Akron, Ohio, native, was hoping the MLB counterparts to hisCleveland Cavalierswould win. Wade, a Chicagoland native, was leaning on the Cubs to pull it off.

As the loser of the bet, James must dress up in a full Cubs uniform before a game in Chicago on Dec. 2.

"We've been working on it," Wade said after Friday's shootaround. "We've been talking. My stylist has been talking to his stylist. It's got to fit right and everything. So my stylist has been talking to his stylist, they actually had a conversation before Game 7 to get the sizes of whoever loses ... hopefully he comes head to toe in December when he walks in here."

Wade laughed recalling how he went through the different styles of jerseys the Cubs have as he tried to pick one for James.

"It's funny because I got a picture of different uniforms," Wade said. "Of like which one you think he should wear of the Cubs uniforms. Just fun, man."

Which one did he go with?

"I don't know the styles of them," Wade said. "It was like a white, a gray, a blue, and I sent them two options to pick from. Just stuff like that."

Wade, who will also take home some bottles of the pair's favorite wine as part of his win, said he and James haven't been exchanging that much trash talk since the World Series ended.

"Just humble brags," Wade said. "No junk talking. Obviously I did all my talking on social media, going back and forth together. Just having a little fun with it. That's what it's all about. I think one thing with me and him getting involved in just a simple, playful bet. [That] even brought attention from people who didn't even watch baseball.

"They're the basketball fans of each of us and brought even more attention to the World Series so it was good to be a part of it. It was an incredible game. Both teams put on a heck of a championship. And I'm glad we [the Cubs] came out on the winning side and I don't have to wear Cleveland Indians stuff. It was fun."

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