Action News Troubleshooters help resolve traveler's Viking Cruises dilemma

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If you think you need a vacation, listen to the story of Anne Radziunas. (WPVI)

If you think you need a vacation, listen to the story of Anne Radziunas. Not only did she need one - she really deserved one. And the Action News Troubleshooters were honored to help send her on her way.

"It was 8 countries in 15 days," said Anne Radziunas of Levittown.

After caring for her aging father-in-law and her husband who has multiple sclerosis, this was to be a much-needed voyage.

"This just came at the right time in life when I needed it, and this is why my girlfriend suggested, 'Why don't you and I go together,'" Radziunas said.

The Viking Homelands Ocean Cruise included stops in Sweden, Finland, Russia, Poland and Germany.

Anne Radziunas and her friend got a buy-one-get-one-free package for $18,000.

"Everything - airline, flights - everything included, came to about $9,000. So we each paid $9,000 for this cruise," she said.

But a couple months before the trip, Radziunas got a call from her friend saying she had to cancel for medical reasons.

Radziunas still planned to go, but there was a problem.

"Viking told me I would have to pay her share. Why do I still have to pay her half? Because she will get reimbursed from her travel insurance. They said this is our policy," Radziunas said.

The deal was based on a double room occupancy and there were no single fares available on the cruise Radziunas was scheduled to take.

And when Radziunas couldn't pay the other half, the cruise line canceled her part of the trip, too!

That's when Radziunas contacted the Troubleshooters and got one of our Call for Action volunteers.

"He said, 'You're going.' He said, 'Trust me, just pack your bags,'" she said.

That's right. A couple weeks after her initial call to the Troubleshooters, Radziunas tells us she got a call from Viking with good news. She was going on the same cruise, just on different dates. With a huge addition...

"'We're upgrading you to the top floor to the penthouse suite,' and my mouth is just, am I hearing this right," Radziunas said.

Viking even threw in credits towards off-boat excursions.

"I took the cruise and I was very happy with it, I was very pleased. I feel so refreshed so I can go on anything, I mean life can throw me anything now and I can take it," she said.

As for our volunteers, Radziunas is very grateful.

"They are an amazing, amazing group of volunteers. And again, hats off to each and every one of them. I love them," she said.

Viking Cruises tells us: "We are pleased that Ms. Radziunas was satisfied with the outcome and was able to travel with us."

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