Storm damages Holmesburg Boys Club

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The storm damaged the Boys Club in Holmesburg. (WPVI)

The Holmesberg Boys Club suffered the misfortune of being directly in the path of the storm's wrath Tuesday, ripping away a huge chunk of the building's tar roof.

"It was about a two minute wind that did this damage believe it or not," club vice president Joe Zawatwicz said.

A two minute incredible force of wind lifted several tons of the roof scattering it across the club's backyard on the 7700 block of Ditman Street.

"I heard, came straight from work to see this. It almost makes you want to cry," volunteer Roland Stucke said.

The nonprofit volunteer group provides athletic activities for between 400 and 500 kids., everything from indoor foot hockey to cheerleading, football and baseball.

The roof was damaged in such a way that you can now see light coming through.

"I feel bad for all the kids in the neighborhood, they had games this weekend, practices. The families, parents, you just feel bad for everybody," Zawatwicz said.

Club officers say they're being told their insurance doesn't cover this.

"Acts of God, whatever you want to call it, but that's not covered for the roof," Zawatwicz said.

The club just had a new roof installed a year ago.

"It took us five years to raise the money to get this roof a year ago. Now we're back to where we started with nothing," Zawatwicz said.

"It's pretty heartbreaking to come here and see all this. See all the hard work we put into this program," volunteer Rodney Stahl said.

Volunteers say the club is very important to the neighborhood in that it keeps kids off the streets. But now, everything has been suspended until they can get some help to clean up the mess and see how they're going to come up with the funds to get the roof fixed.
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