What is Storm Tracker 6 Live HD?

Dateline article| David Murphy|

by David Murphy

In the technical world, Storm Tracker 6 Live HD is known as a VHDD 350-C High Definition Doppler Radar. But how about we just call it ST6 for the purposes of this discussion?

ST6 is a C-Band Doppler Radar created by one of world's leading commercial radar designers. The radar packs 350,000 watts of power and includes a special, patented high-resolution microprocessor that produces more detailed images of precipitation than most other local Doppler radars across the country. ST6 also has the unique ability to scan the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys every 60, 20, or 10 seconds, providing Action News viewers with the most up-to-date and accurate radar images available in the region. Special easy-to-understand storm tracking blue boxes also indicate the estimated time of arrival for rain and thunderstorms in individual neighborhoods.

ST6 also changes with the times. We upgrade the radar regularly, adding the latest cutting edge storm tracking software to increase its usefulness. An example is the radar's patented tornado tracking software which identifies storm cells that are producing rotation and then alerts us if the storm is gaining in intensity. This can give us---and you---an early signal of a possible tornado.

In the winter, ST6 automatically tracks snow and areas experiencing an icy mix of snow sleet and rain, which is a constant issue for us in the cold weather season. The sensitivity built into the radar also allows for a far more detailed image of light rain and flurries than most other radars, which can be important for commuters weighing the possibility of those nasty, scattered slick spots that light precipitation can sometimes produce. Our radar's extra power also minimizes false data that other radars can't remove.

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