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Sept. 18, 2009

Knobler's aunt told her about a discount glasses website, called She gave it a try.

"For $33 shipped, I had brand-new, great eyeglasses. I will never spend $100 or more on eyeglasses again," Knobler says.

EyeBuy Direct, and other glasses websites, have none of the overhead of traditional opticians -- like rent or display cases.

So, they sell glasses for a fraction of retail. Some for as little as $8 a pair. "EyeBuyDirect is an entirely internet operation," explains CEO Roy Hessel.

"We own the entire supply chain . We design and manufacture our own frames."

What online shopping can't provide is face-to-face interaction with an optician. So you need to get enter all the details from your prescription yourself. Including the number for something called Pupillary Distance (PD).

Many optometrists won't include that on a prescription unless you demand it. "Typically, optometrists will refuse to give it because that's how they make their money," Hessel explains.

"So, customers should know they should demand the prescription, including the PD, and they're entitled to puchase their glasses anywhere."

You also can't try the glasses on if you shop online. does have a way you can do that virtually, by uploading a photo and clicking on different frames.

EyeBuyDirect is certainly not the only online glasses retailer. They do offer a complete money-back guarantee, which not all the others do. Make sure you read all the warranty information before ordering from any site.

Here are some other sites you might want to check out to comparison shop.

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