Reading mayor cancels planned gay pride flag-raising ceremony at City Hall

Reading Mayor Wally Scott is being accused of discrimination after canceling a gay pride flag-raising ceremony at City Hall on Monday.

The outgoing mayor defends his decision though, saying that while he has nothing against the LGBTQ community, he views displaying the pride flag at City Hall as support for a "movement." Scott said he doesn't believe flags should be raised at City Hall for "movements" of any sort.

Regardless, the LGBT Center of Greater Reading issued a statement, saying, "What was supposed to be a proud and historical moment" turned into "a show of blatant, unacceptable discrimination. "We are not a cause. We are human beings protected by an anti-discrimination ordinance in the City of Reading."

"Totally disheartening, quite honestly," said Michelle Dech, executive director of the LGBT Center of Greater Reading.

Dech says she finds the mayor's reasoning flawed and offensive.

"Some people might want to call it a movement. I don't. We are a group of human beings that are just seeking to live life like everybody else does. We have the same rights as everybody else, basic human rights," says Dech.

Local LQBTQ leaders now say they plan to file a complaint with the city's Human Relations Commission.
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