Dine Latino Restaurant Week runs through May 9

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Celebrate Philadelphia's vast cultural restaurants, explore new flavors and get a great deal as Dine Latino Restaurant Week kicked off Wednesday.

Last year, the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hosted what they thought was a one-time-only event to boost business during the pandemic. It was so popular, and they say so important, they brought it back.

"It's a great entry point into different cultures," said Jennifer Rodriguez, the president and CEO of the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. "Also, by being a patron and going to one of these restaurants, you will be supporting a family because these are family-owned establishments."

Roughly 30 restaurants all across the city are participating. They are featuring cuisine from Mexico, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and more.

Among them, Sazon in Spring Garden, the first Venezuelan restaurant in the state of Pennsylvania.

"We do traditional Venezuelan homemade food," said owner Judy Suzarra-Campbell. "It's like going to a grandma's house when you sit down at my restaurant. You will feel that care and love when you're eating my food."

When you purchase two entrees, restaurants will offer a free appetizer or dessert.

Dine Latino Restaurant Week runs through Sunday, May 9.

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