Building a Better Philadelphia: GBCA presents the 2021 Construction Excellence Award winners

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
New College House West
Jeffrey Totaro

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Building. Creating. Breaking the mold. That's what Philadelphia is all about. Dating back centuries, the story of our great city is truly one of invention. Look around and you'll see that spirit coursing through the diverse people and places that make Philadelphia so unique.

Drawing on this legacy, members of the General Building Contractors Association (GBCA) continue to raise the bar on commercial construction as they build an even better Philadelphia. Whether it's giving new life to historic buildings, constructing significant new spaces, or pushing the boundaries of innovation, they are shaping the city's landscape with an unrivaled commitment to excellence.

In honor of this dedication to craftsmanship and the Philadelphia community, we are proud to present the esteemed winners of the 2021 Construction Excellence Awards, the region's premier construction awards program.


The strength of the commercial construction industry in Philadelphia is built by the support that contractors give - and get - within the building community ... and beyond. This includes firms that are helping workers stay safe, keeping businesses buzzing, and giving back to our city in big ways.

Excellence in Safety

Winner: TN Ward Company

TN Ward Company has been at the forefront of protecting construction professionals throughout the pandemic. Leveraging its safety expertise, the organization helped foster industry collaboration and develop the joint COVID-19 safety protocols that became the industry standard.

Affiliate of the Year

Winner: McCarthy & Company, PC

Construction accounting leader McCarthy & Company, PC has played a key role in supporting many GBCA members throughout the pandemic - helping them navigate COVID relief programs to secure funding, keep jobsites open, and keep construction professionals working.

Commitment to Community Excellence

Winner: Eureka Metal & Glass Services, Inc.

Eureka Metal & Glass Services, Inc.'s new "Eureka Gives Back" program is designed to give whatever possible to make the community a better place. In just over a year, the organization has supported numerous local businesses and organizations from Project HOME to Philabundance.


"Good enough" is never good enough for GBCA members, who continually push themselves to new heights. From spearheading innovation to moving the needle on diversity, these organizations are driving meaningful advancements in construction.

Excellence in Technological Advancement

Winner: Shoemaker Construction Co.

Establishing a new Innovation Department, Shoemaker Construction Co. is leading the way in deploying advanced technical solutions to improve project quality, speed, and economy. These value-added tools include robotics, virtual reality, computational design, and more.

Excellence in Training and Professional Development

Winner: Turner Construction Company

Turner Construction Company is enhancing its inclusive and equitable culture with the implementation of a robust diversity training program. The program includes a series of courses and tools on understanding systemic racism, Courageous Conversations, anti-bias behavior, allyship, and more.

Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion

Winner: Turner Construction Company

Turner Construction Company is committed to building an inclusive and equitable culture. By fortifying its Zero Tolerance policies, forming a national Inclusion Action Committee and much more, the organization is working to ensure diversity is reflected and respected at all levels.


A building is more than just the sum of its parts, but often one of those parts fundamentally shapes the success of a project. This specialized work is so spectacular that the final products, though highly complex, look almost effortless.

Best Concrete Construction Project

2100 Hamilton Street

Winner: Healy Long & Jevin

Owner: Bock Development Group

Architect: Cecil Baker + Partners

Engineer: Thornton Tomasetti

GBCA Member Collaborators: Maxim Crane Works LP; Thornton Tomasetti

The residences at 2100 Hamilton Street were constructed on one of the most difficult real estate sites in Philadelphia. Healy Long & Jevin formed and poured 10,000 cubic yards of concrete and installed over 850 tons of steel, bringing this building out from underground to over 12 stories above grade.

Best Masonry Construction Project

SEPTA 5th Street / Independence Hall Station Enhancements

Winner: D.M. Sabia & Co., Inc.

Owner: SEPTA

Architect: Converse Winkler Architecture

Engineer: Burns Engineering

GBCA Member Collaborator: Fizzano Bros. Concrete Products, Inc.

D.M. Sabia & Co., Inc.'s leadership was key to implementing the new architectural design of SEPTA's 5th Street/Independence Hall Station, as well as improving its structural, mechanical, and electrical systems. The team navigated multiple challenges to expertly install complex brick and stone systems.

Best Specialty Contractor Project

Reading Terminal Market Swing Solution

Winner: Superior Scaffold Services, Inc.

Owner: Reading Terminal

Engineer: Alternate Design Solutions

GBCA Member Collaborator: Premier Building Restoration

When accessing the side of the Reading Terminal Market building for restoration work seemed impossible, Superior Scaffold Services delivered an innovative solution. By creating an extended swing beam and swinging the scaffold from a nearby parking garage, workers safely got the access they needed.

Hamilton Lane Headquarters Fit-Out


Whether it's breathing new life into iconic buildings or delivering stunning new properties, GBCA members are reimagining the world around us. These transformational spaces reflect a dedication to craftsmanship, a deep appreciation of history, and a commitment to making new visions a reality.

Best Green Space Project

Penn's Landing Square Courtyard Restoration and Beautification Project

Winner: Armor Masonry Restoration

Owner: Penn's Landing Square

Engineer: Klein & Hoffman

Armor Masonry Restoration's precision was critical to the success of Penn's Landing Square courtyard restoration and beautification project. The team demolished the space by hand and intricately reconstructed its beautifully landscaped courtyards to deliver both aesthetics and durability.

Best Historic Preservation Project

One City

Winner: Clemens Construction Company, Inc.

Owner: Alterra Project Group, LLC

Architect: BLT Architects

Engineer: O'Donnell & Naccarato

GBCA Member Collaborators: Cippco Inc.: Falasca Mechanical, Inc.; Independence Steel, Inc.; James Floor Covering, Inc.; Joseph Dugan, Inc.; O'Donnell & Naccarato; Revolution Recovery, LLC; Shore Supply Inc.; Window Repairs & Restoration, LLC

Clemens Construction Company, Inc. led the charge in converting One City - a nationally registered historic building - from a 14-story office building into a high-end residential development. This project preserved the building's unique historic character, returning a masterpiece to its proper prominence.

Best Adaptive Re-Use Project

Arlen Specter U.S. Squash Center

Winner: Gilbane Building Company

Owner: U.S. Squash

Architect: Van Potteiger Architects

Engineer: Barry Isett & Associates, Inc.

GBCA Member Collaborators: Belcher Roofing Corp; Central Metals, Inc.; Copeland Surveying, Inc.; D'Andrea Bros. Concrete Co., Inc.; EC Fence & Iron Works, Inc.; Falasca Mechanical, Inc.; G.O. Services, LLC; M. Schnoll & Sons, Inc.; McGoldrick Electric, Inc.; Northstar Contracting Group, Inc.; Paul Rabinowitz Glass Co., Inc.:Roman Mosaic and Tile Company; Shelly Electric Company; Shore Supply Inc.; Southern New Jersey Steel Co., Inc.

Partnering with U.S. Squash, Gilbane Building Company artfully transformed the historic Philadelphia Armory - formerly a military drill hall - into the new Arlen Spector U.S. Squash Center, the world's largest squash center and the new "center" of squash in the United States.

Best Fit-Out Project

Hamilton Lane Headquarters Fit-Out

Winner: Shoemaker Construction Co.

Owner: Hamilton Lane Advisors, LLC

Architect: Gensler

Engineer: Bala Consulting Engineers

GBCA Member Collaborators: Armour & Sons Electric, Inc.; Central Metals, Inc.; Josam Company; Liberty Flooring, LLC; Madison Concrete Construction; Paul Rabinowitz Glass Co., Inc.; Shore Supply Inc.

Creativity abounds in the five-floor fit-out of Hamilton Lane Advisors LLC's new headquarters. Shoemaker Construction Co.'s use of Lean construction methods and focus on craftsmanship, collaboration, and communication were key to the project's success.

Philadelphia Museum of Art, Core Project (Tom Holdsworth Photography)


Philadelphia is defined by its rich history, culture, and unique spaces that shape how both residents and visitors experience our city. These projects will have a significant influence in defining how people live, work, learn, and play throughout the region.

Best Residential, Mixed-Use or Office-Space Project

Law Enforcement Health Benefits Health & Wellness Center

Winner: P. Agnes, Inc.

Owner: Law Enforcement Health Benefits, Inc.

Architect: JacobsWyper Architects

Engineers: Structural: Orndorff & Associates; MEP: Wick Fisher White; Civil: Pennoni

GBCA Member Collaborators: American Floors, Inc.; ARC Document Solutions; Copeland Surveying, Inc.; D'Andrea Bros. Concrete, Inc.; EDA Contractors, Inc.; Excel Document Solutions; Frank T. Lutter, Inc.; Herman Goldner Company; Kastle Systems; Kieffer's Appliances; Mayfield Site Contractors, Inc.; Revolution Recovery, LLC; Richard S. Burns & Company, Inc.; Southern New Jersey Steel Co., Inc.; Wick Fisher White

The Law Enforcement Health Benefits Health & Wellness Center was developed to improve the wellbeing of Philadelphia's active duty and retired police officers, as well as their families. Despite the city-wide COVID-19 shutdown, P. Agnes, Inc. delivered an incredible project on time and under budget.

Best Educational Institution Project

Laborers' Training and Learning Center

Winner: TN Ward Company

Owner: Laborers' District Council of the Metropolitan Area of Philadelphia and Vicinity

Architect: Camille Peluso Architects

Engineers: Structural: O'Donnell & Naccarato; MEP/FP: Bruce E. Brooks & Associates; Civil: Langan

GBCA Member Collaborators: Armor Masonry Restoration; Chesco Coring & Cutting; Component Assembly Systems; Copeland Surverying, Inc.; E.C. Fence & Ironworks, Inc.; Graboyes Commercial Window and Glass Solutions; Joseph S. Smith Roofing, Inc.; Limbach Company LLC; Madison Concrete Construction; Mid-Atlantic Steel, LLC; O'Donnell & Naccarato; Quality Commercial Flooring; Shore Supply Inc.; Superior Scaffold Services, Inc.; Unified Door & Hardware Group, LLC, Tru-Fit Frame and Door

TN Ward Company took extra care to perfect design and building processes in constructing the new Laborers' District Council Training and Learning Center. The state-of-the-art space, which will be used to train future construction workers, represents exemplary workmanship all around.

Best Healthcare Project

Jefferson Washington Township Hospital - Silvestri Tower

Winner: P. Agnes, Inc.

Owner: Jefferson Health New Jersey

Architect: CallisonRTKL

Engineer: O'Donnell & Naccarato, PWI Engineering

GBCA Member Collaborators: Artisan Display, Inc.; BrandSafway Services, LLC; Copeland Surveying, Inc.; Crescent Iron Works; D.M. Sabia & Co., Inc.; EDA Contractors, Inc.; Falasca Mechanical, Inc.; Geppert Bros., Inc.; Guthrie Glass & Metal, Inc.; O'Donnell & Naccarato, Oliver Fire Protection & Security; PDM Constructors, Inc.; Shore Supply Inc.; Tri-State Construction; Unified Door & Hardware Group, LLC, Tru-Fit Frame and Door

P. Agnes, Inc. took the lead in building the Silvestri Tower, helping transform Jefferson Health New Jersey's Washington Township hospital campus into a hub where patients can receive care closer to home. The tower features 90 private rooms and advanced technology that enhances the patient experience.

Best Hospitality Project

Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia

Winner: Gilbane Building Company

Owner: The Cordish Companies

Architect: BLT Architects

Engineer: McLaren Engineering Group

GBCA Member Collaborators: A.T. Chadwick Company, Inc.; Apache Industrial United, Inc.; ARC Document Solutions, Inc.; Berlin Steel Construction Co.; Copeland Surveying, Inc.; EDA Contractors, Inc.; G.O. Services, LLC; Guthrie Glass & Metal, Inc.; Josam Company; Madison Concrete Construction; Mayfield Site Contractors, Inc.; McGregor Industries, Inc.; Northstar Contracting Group, Inc.; PDM Constructors, Inc.; Pride Enterprises, Inc.; Roman Mosaic & Tile Company; Shore Supply Inc.; Siemens Industry, Inc.; Steadfast Entities LLC; Unified Door & Hardware Group, LLC, Tru-Fit Frame and Door; United States Roofing Corporation

With the construction of the Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia, Gilbane Building Company transformed the South Philadelphia Stadium District into a fully integrated sports, entertainment, and casino resort destination. The complex includes a high-energy hotel, casino, event space, and more.

Best Cultural Institution Project

Philadelphia Museum of Art, Core Project

Winner: LF Driscoll

Owner: Philadelphia Museum of Art

Architect: Gehry Partners, LLP

Engineer: Magnusson Klemencic Associates

GBCA Member Collaborators: Berlin Steel Construction Co.; Central Salvage Co., Inc.; Dan Lepore & Sons Company; Dougherty Electric, Inc.; Madison Concrete Construction; PDM Constructors, Inc.; Shore Supply Inc.

When the Philadelphia Museum of Art was preparing to execute the latest and most delicate phase of architect Frank Gehry's Master Plan to renovate the historic landmark building, the museum trusted LF Driscoll to bring the vision to life and take the museum experience to the next level.

University of Pennsylvania Meeting and Guesthouse (Don Pearse)


When exceptional quality and care is poured into every inch of construction, it shows. These projects are some of the most artfully crafted new spaces in Philadelphia. They are, simply, outstanding.

Excellence In Craftsmanship: Under $5 Million

2000 Market Street Lobby

Winner: Clemens Construction Company, Inc.

Owner: Nahla Capital

Architects: Soulis & Berlic Architects; L2P

Engineer: P2 Structural Engineering, LLC

GBCA Member Collaborators: Central Salvage Company, Inc.; Independence Steel, Inc.; James Floor Covering, Inc.; Revolution Recovery, LLC; Shore Supply Inc.

Clemens Construction Company, Inc. brought every detail of the bright, double-height lobby at 2000 Market Street to life. Among the highlights are the lobby's white Italian marble, wood paneling, custom wall panels and elaborate chandelier, highlighting a superior level of craftsmanship throughout.

Excellence In Craftsmanship: $5 - $15 Million

Confidential Client Office Fit-Out

Winner: C. Erickson & Sons, Inc.

Owner: Confidential Client

Architect: D2 Groups

Engineer: D2 Groups

GBCA Member Collaborators: Liberty Flooring, LLC; Oliver Fire Protection & Security; Paul Rabinowitz Glass Co., Inc.; PDM Constructors, Inc.

C. Erickson & Sons, Inc. brought an uncompromising combination of skill and craftsmanship to this state-of-the art office fit-out, complete with multiple distinct ceiling types, floor finishes and wall finishes. The finished space demonstrates the power of teamwork between architect, consultant, and contractor.

Excellence in Craftsmanship: $15 - $50 Million

University of Pennsylvania Meeting and Guesthouse

Winner: Target Building Construction, Inc.

Owner: University of Pennsylvania

Architect: Deborah Berke Partners

Engineer: Bala Engineers, Inc.

GBCA Member Collaborators: Dale Construction; EDA Contractors, Inc.; Hatzel & Buehler, Inc.

Healy Long & Jevin; Independence Steel, Inc.; Jenkintown Building Services; Mara Restoration, Inc.; Mayfield Site Contractors, Inc.; Oliver Fire Protection & Security; P.A. Fly Contracting, Inc.; Window Repairs & Restoration, LLC

The new Meeting and Guesthouse at the University of Pennsylvania, renovated and restored by Target Building Construction, Inc., transformed a pair of late Victorian townhouses into a 21st century destination. The building blends historic and contemporary features as it welcomes important guests.

Excellence in Craftsmanship: Over $50 Million

New College House West

Winner: INTECH Construction

Owner: Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania

Architect: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Engineers: Structural: CVM; MEP: Vanderweil Engineers; Civil: Meliora Design

GBCA Member Collaborators: A.T. Chadwick Company, Inc.; Carr & Duff, Inc.; Dan Lepore & Sons Company; EDA Contractors, Inc.; Guthrie Glass & Metal, Inc.; Healy Long & Jevin; Kieffer's Appliances; Mayfield Site Contractors, Inc.; National Glass & Metal Company, Inc.; PDM Constructors, Inc.; Shore Supply Inc.; Southern New Jersey Steel Co., Inc.; Suburban Enterprises Terrazzo & Tile; Unified Door & Hardware Group, LLC, Tru-Fit Frame and Door

New College House West at the University of Pennsylvania was constructed by INTECH Construction with the highest levels of quality in student housing in mind. From durable, quality materials, to a cohesive, sleek design, this project is at the top of the student housing market in Philadelphia.

Congratulations to all the winners! Learn more about the winners and watch the awards presentation at www.gbca.com/cea.