Gun Violence Solutions: Who are the victims?

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Not all Philadelphians deal with gun violence on a daily basis.

Black residents are almost five times as likely as white residents to be victims of gun violence, and Black men make up about three-quarters of shooting victims in the city.

The share of Philadelphia's shooting victims who are Black women is on the rise.

This study of shootings in Philadelphia from 2013 to 2014 found that shooting victim rates were higher among Black residents than white residents in neighborhoods at every income level. In areas with median incomes over $60,000, Black residents were nearly 16 times as likely as white residents to be shot.

See the chart below to understand your risk of dying from gun violence in Philadelphia based on your race and how it compares to your risk of dying from other causes.

In 2021, 78% of shootings in Philadelphia occurred in 14 ZIP codes: 19144, 19141, 19120, 19124, 19140, 19134, 19133, 19132, 19121, 19131, 19104, 19139, and 19143.

ZIP code 19134 alone, which encompasses Kensington and Port Richmond, accounted for over 10% of last year's shootings.

"No one goes unscathed here," said Lisa Christian, Director of Counseling Services for Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia.

Maxayn Gooden plans to leave Philadelphia soon. She says she needs to move so that her 12-year-old daughter can grow up in a safe environment, away from the gun violence that has already devastated their family.

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