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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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Joseph Boback talks about his comback from hip replacement surgery at Cooper Bone and Joint Institute.

Camden, N.J. (WPVI) -- In 2016, Joseph Boback from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, was facing intense hip pain that was interfering with his daily life.

As an administrative director for an outpatient physical therapy practice group, he spent most of the workday driving to and from different offices. The pain in his left hip became so unbearable that it interrupted both his workday and his active lifestyle of golf, fishing, and chasing his granddaughter.

Joe was no stranger to hip replacement surgery. In 2014, Dr. Jack Shilling performed a hip replacement on his right hip. At that time, Dr. Shilling warned him that his left hip would need to be replaced eventually.

When pain in the left hip started a year later, Joe knew he needed surgery again, and he knew he wanted the best.

In late 2015, Dr. Shilling joined the staff at the Cooper Bone and Joint Institute at Cooper University Health Care in Camden. "I knew I wanted Dr. Shilling to do my left hip," said Joe. "If Cooper was where he was at, then Cooper was the place I was going to go!"

"When Joe came to see me, he had significant arthritis in the hip. He had lost most of his cartilage in the joint, and the bones were rubbing together," said Dr. Shilling.

Dr. Shilling performed a hip replacement on Joe at Cooper in March of 2016.

"The surgery went well and was very normal," recalled Dr. Shilling. "Hip replacement is a very good, very predictable operation for the right person with the right problem. He was able to get his mobility and his quality of life headed in the right direction quickly."

"The first four hours after surgery, they had me moving and up out of bed," said Joe. "Once I got to outpatient rehabilitation, it only took me about six months to get back to normal. I would definitely recommend Cooper Bone and Joint Institute to all my friends and family."

If you are experiencing hip or joint pain, call 1.800.8.COOPER (1.800.826.6737) to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shilling or any of the Cooper Bone and Joint Institute joint replacement experts.

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