Straight-line winds sends tree into Berks County home

The National Weather Service confirmed the damage was from straight-line winds and not a tornado.
WYOMISSING, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Residents in Berks County, Pennsylvania are cleaning up after severe weather rolled through Wednesday night.

The National Weather Service confirmed the damage was from straight-line winds and not a tornado.

"I was okay for the first 15 minutes, and then I freaked," said Mary Ann Kelly of Wyomissing.

She knew there was severe weather moving through Wednesday, but she never expected what it would do to her home.

"At exactly seven minutes until 11 p.m., it just sounded like a locomotive. At the same time, the cat was screaming and the next thing we heard was the thud, and the whole house shook," Kelly said.

That thud was the sound of straight-line winds taking down a huge tree in her backyard that came crashing down on her garage.

Kelly has been living in her home along Monroe Avenue in Wyomissing for 40 years. She estimates the tree is over 100 years old.

"The tree is laying on our brand new 6-month-old 2021 car," added Kelly.

She knows things could have been worse and would have preferred no damage, but is thankful it was only her garage and that the massive tree didn't fall onto her home.

"We were very relieved, especially that the house, there was no water in our home, which means we can stay in our home and yeah, God was with us. We were blessed," she said.

The severe weather knocked down trees across the county.

On Texter Mountain Road in South Heidelberg, trees were down on the road.

Not far away, trees were also down at Wernersville State Hospital. There was no major damage or injuries reported.

It seems the most severe property damage was to Kelly's home.

"You never think it is going to be you, and plus, we had just had the tree checked in the spring, and they told us how good it was. It is in great shape, very healthy, and it was. It's not the tree's fault, but Mother Nature," said Kelly.

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